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About us

Farm Firewood is based on our family farm in North Oxfordshire. We have diversified into the processing of firewood as we have some semi ancient woodland and we wanted to manage the woodland properly on our farm and create better diverse wildlife habitats. The trees that have been selected and removed are from licensed thinning areas and this will allow flowers and plants to develop and the wildlife to flourish. Replanting more native trees is important to us and all of the firewood that we use will be sourced from our farm or nearby.

Our business has been funded by The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and supported by Oxfordshire LEADER who were keen for us to manage our woodland and wanted us to increase the supply, demand and use of local wood and reduce our local carbon footprint.

About our logs

Farm Firewood supply only hardwood logs so they burn for longer and give off a more intense heat. Our high quality logs are a mixture of mainly Ash with some Oak or Beech. Our trees are felled over the winter and the logs dry in our barn all through spring and summer and are therefore well seasoned. Because the logs are stored in vented bags this allows the logs to continue to season. The logs will have a moisture content of less than 20%, ensuring no harmful emissions and we will moisture test our logs for this guarantee. Our logs are ready to burn and will give a clean burn with maximum heat output. Our logs are suitable for open fires, wood burners, multi-fuel stoves, garden fire pits, pizza ovens, chimeneas or campfires. The logs are about 25cm in length and about 10cm diameter. The logs are supplied in vented bags, which keeps the logs in optimum condition and ensures that there is no mess with delivery.